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This site showcases cool projects that the Trade Me technology team, our industry heroes and a plucky bunch of API consumers have sunk their hard work into.  We encourage innovation internally through our regular FedEx days and through “pet project” time allocated to members of our tech team.  We’ve built up our API to allow the New Zealand Internet community to do inspirational things with our platform that delight our members and we’re proud to show off their work.  Please take some time to browse through the projects, read about what we’re up to and even follow us on the Twitters.  Welcome to Labs!

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  • The self-organising organisation

    Written by Trade Me's Agile Coach, Sandy Mamoli ... let teams self-select! At Trade Me we’re in the process of getting everyone into small, cross-functional teams that will persist over time and ... more

  • Trade Me Toolbox for Windows 8

    Hot on the heels of today's Windows 8 release preview announcement, we're pretty excited to announce the launch of our latest labs project, the Trade Me Toolbox for Windows 8.  TL;DR; it's available ... more

  • Tradevine

    Tradevine is a complete office solution that integrates with Trade Me and Xero to help you grow your business online.  Tradevine uses the Trade Me API to manage listings and reconcile with your ... more