Trade Me Browser Stats: June 2015

Happy July, dear reader. We've been combing through our log files to prepare a view on how our systems are being used by the Kiwi public. Here are our charts and commentary for the second quarter of 2015:

  • General trends continue in favour of upgrades to newer platforms. This is great to see as we typically focus on upwards trending platforms and away from those trending down (and particularly those below 5%).
  • We're expecting a big change next quarter with the release of Windows 10 on 29 July. This free upgrade is available for users of Windows 7 (SP1) and Windows 8. This will wreak havoc with our stats (in a good way!).

Please remember these are simply the numbers and trends we're seeing at Trade Me. While they might be a pretty good barometer for general New Zealand web usage, YMMV and you should always refer to your own site statistics when making decisions about what technologies to support.

Trade Me Desktop (

Jun 2015 Browsers Over5

Jun 2015 Browsers Under5

Jun 2015 Renderingengines

Jun 2015 Operating Systems Over5

Jun 2015 Operating Systems Under5

Jun 2015 Mobile Operating Systems

Trade Me Touch (

We're continuing to see good upgrade trendlines in Touch, with Android 5 being the newest hotness that users of older versions are jumping to. Otherwise a fairly stable few months.

Jun 2015 Operating Systems Touch

That's all folks! We'll be back in another three months with the numbers from the third quarter of 2015. As usual, please send your comments and questions to us @trademelabs (and/or to the author @tarkwyn).