Trade Me Browser Stats: March 2015

Once again we're pleased to share our browser and operating system usage data with you, fellow pixelsmiths and code craftspeople. Charts are below but here are our top-level highlights from the first three months of 2015:

  • We've seen a resurgence in non-mobile traffic with a slight flattening off of mobile sessions across our web platforms (native sessions are not included in these comparisons).
  • Windows XP has finally fallen below the 5% mark, an arbitrary but significant threshold for us.
  • We've finally pulled the pin on reporting on Blackberry and other legacy handsets that were clinging on at the mercy of rounding errors. RIP, old friends.

Please remember these are simply the numbers and trends we're seeing at Trade Me. While they might be a pretty good barometer for general New Zealand web usage, YMMV and you should always refer to your own site statistics when making decisions about what technologies to support.

Trade Me Desktop (

Chrome still continues its steady growth and this is largely at the expense of older browsers, which is fantastic. IE11 makes up the lion's share of the IE10+ bracket, so we'll drop that in coming comparisons. We report mobile and desktop Safari in the the same line item in the chart below, and the majority of that usage comes from Trade Me members with iPads. 

Mar 2015 Browsers Over5

Mar 2015 Browsers Under5

Mar 2015 Renderingengines

On the operating system front, XP has fallen off the top chart (finally!) and we're seeing Yosemite heading up strongly to take its place. There's some good, healthy growth from Windows 8 at the expense of older versions, as opposed to obvious cannibalisation of Windows 7.

Mobile usage flattened off in March, on the back of some healthy increase in desktop sessions.

Mar 2015 Operating Systems Over5

Mar 2015 Operating Systems Under5

Mar 2015 Mobile Operating Systems

Trade Me Touch (

Android is still leading in usage on Touch, with the general OS upgrade trend continuing across the platform.  

Mar 2015 Operating Systems Touch

Viewport widths

Before we go, here's an extra for experts this month. We've been doing some research into viewport widths for a project we're working on and, as it's pretty interesting data, we thought you might find it useful too.  

The chart below shows browser widths from Touch and desktop allocated into 10 pixel buckets (using a FLOOR(), so 1024px shows up in the 1020 bucket, for example). These represent the top 99.5% of all sessions and are plotted on a logarithmic scale. Note that this data is actual viewport width, not native screen resolution. Data is captured for a statistically significant period in March. Enjoy! 

Mar 2015 Combined Viewport Widths

That's all folks! We're back in July with data from the first half of 2015. As usual, please send your comments and questions to us @trademelabs (and/or to the author @tarkwyn.)