PlayMe: a Spotify-based office jukebox

By Simon

Today we're releasing PlayMe, our web-based office jukebox front-end for Spotify and Soundcloud.  It's available now on GitHub.
Playme -screenshot
Each Trade Me office has an instance of PlayMe running, allowing our teams to choose what they want to listen to.  People can queue up tracks, vote for their favourites and even veto tracks if they can round up enough support.  PlayMe also learns what each office likes to listen to and will queue up an automatic playlist for those times when there's nothing explicitly queued.  PlayMe can stream music from Spotify (with a premium account) and Soundcloud, and features handy tools for admins and a few Easter eggs for good measure.  If your office could do with some better music, grab a copy of PlayMe today.
PlayMe was built as a project in our regular Fed Ex days at Trade Me.  Check out our 2013 Tech Ed presentation about it.  If you'd like to be a part of our next one, we're hiring.

Check out PlayMe on GitHub