Trade Me Toolbox for Windows 8

By Simon

Hot on the heels of today's Windows 8 release preview announcement, we're pretty excited to announce the launch of our latest labs project, the Trade Me Toolbox for Windows 8.  TL;DR; it's available in the Microsoft store, go get it.

The Toolbox is a companion app for Trade Me that integrates into the Windows 8 experience, with notifications, searches and tiles (oh my!)  We see it as a pretty cool way for Windows 8 users to keep up-to-date with their Trade Me activity and to perform Trade Me searches from the desktop.  Push notifications are coming in the next week or so, as are dynamically updated tiles.

Our Toolbox app was built by the ruggedly handsome folk at Marker Metro and in association with the similarly dashing geeks at Microsoft.  High fives too to the API team at Trade Me for all the back-end gubbins.

We hope you enjoy playing with the app -- it's a work in progress so please let us know what you think!

Download the Trade Me Toolbox app from the Microsoft store