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  • Trade Me Toolbox for Windows 8

    Hot on the heels of today's Windows 8 release preview announcement, we're pretty excited to announce the launch of our latest labs project, the Trade Me Toolbox for Windows 8.  TL;DR; it's available ... more

  • Tradevine

    Tradevine is a complete office solution that integrates with Trade Me and Xero to help you grow your business online.  Tradevine uses the Trade Me API to manage listings and reconcile with your ... more

  • Trade Me iPhone App

    Trade Me now has a dedicated app for your iPhone or iPod touch! Trade Me for iPhone makes it easier to bid and buy, view your Watchlist, check your listings, search Trade Me, create listings and much ... more

  • Trade Me API

    We have built an API to allow others to build applications using our data, for the good of our members, without using the main Trade Me site. Applications can search, buy now or place bids, create ... more

  • Trade Me Sandbox

    The Trade Me Sandbox environment is a stripped-down version of the main Trade Me site and populated with a small amount of test data.  It is designed specifically for API consumers to target when ... more

  • Get a Home

    Get a Home lets you browse open homes around the country via a Google Maps interface, and optimised for mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Android phones. Primarily programmed in JavaScript, ... more

  • Careers NZ Regional Job Search

    Careers New Zealand have integrated Trade Me Jobs directly into their site with their new Regional Job Search application that consumes the Trade Me API.  Users of the Careers NZ site can browse to ... more

  • Information Visualization

    This project currently displays Trade Me search results as circles, where each circle's colour and size varies depending on its listings price. It uses the C# Trade Me Api Wrapper to call the Trade ... more