Meet the Tech Team

Our developers and testers work closely together to build great sites and features, and test them to the highest standards. It's a fast-paced environment, and we release new features daily.

  • Allister Maguire's photo

    Allister Maguire

    After successful careers in professional wrestling and motion pictures, Allister “Dwayne” Maguire has made the logical leap into Systems Architecture.  When he’s not delivering a nasty suplex to the Egyptian undead, Allister is making magic happen with our network.

  • Amy Chard's photo

    Amy Chard


    After finishing uni at the end of 2010 I started out at Trade Me as an intern through Summer of Tech. I'm now a full time developer and part of the Commercial team. My team works on the jobs, property and motors parts of the website. Outside of work I love movies, shopping and when the weather is nice I practically live at the beach.

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    Brian Kwang


    I'm a born and bred Wellingtonian; I joined the Trade Me team in early 2011 and have been doing this software development thing for over six years now. In my work, I enjoy crafting code and crunching data in equal measure. Outside of work I play a healthy(?) dose of Ultimate frisbee, watch a lot of cricket (and wish the Black Caps were better at it), indulge in various geek pastimes and activities, and tinker away with computers (building, upgrading, fixing, and only occasionally breaking them).

  • Chris Pearman's photo

    Chris Pearman

    Systems Engineer

    Beneath his golden, crusty exterior, Chris “Pieman” Pearman is full of meaty IT experience and tasty knowledge gravy. He used to work for a bank, but we don't hold that against him.

  • Dave Marquis's photo

    Dave Marquis


    I joined the Trade Me team in March 2011. The first things I noticed when I joined were how there is literally always something going and how friendly the people are around here! Not many jobs I’ve had in the past can say “You could be doing anything!” from day to day but here in the database team it’s a way of life. In my spare time I spend a lot of time with friends and family after that the rest is spent coaching and playing a bit of netball around Wellington.

  • Dave Wasley's photo

    Dave Wasley

    Head of Technology

    Lover of fine wines and strolls down the beach, Dave spends his day knitting up a storm (hugely beneficial during the recent cold snap) and keeping a watchful eye over the growing tech empire at Trade Me.  If you need a scarf knitted, Dave’s your man.

  • David Williams's photo

    David Williams


    Started off learning Fortran 77 during a Physics degree. Haven't used it since. Over the past decade, have worked for a number of large organisations in the UK developing systems using VB4 through to .NET 4. Joined Trade Me in June this year after moving to Wellington from South Wales.

  • Emma Carryer's photo

    Emma Carryer

    Test Chapter Lead

    I’ve been at Trade Me since 2008 and testing since 2010. I generally work across the main Marketplace section of the site. I like writing and reading poetry, and powerlifting.

  • Jay Nielson's photo

    Jay Nielson


    I’ve been at Trade Me now for three years. At the beginning of 2011 I took over development of the FindSomeone site. I love geeky things like Lego, Xbox and gadgets. With a bunch of friends and other Trade Me peeps, I helped start a Wellington Beer drinking group called H.O.P.S where we enjoy and learn about great beer. I can also be found checking the Twittersphere.


  • Jeremy Lake's photo

    Jeremy Lake


    When I was 11 years old my Dad got a second-hand Commodore Vic 20 (1k of ram) later I saved for a 48k ZX spectrum, later a friend came to visit from Auckland, he had the coding chops, I had the technical literature so together we transitioned away from a 6502 based C64 and started a basic platform scroller game on a newly acquired Amiga 500, it was written in 68000 assembler.  I’ve spent many hours making music in tracker software (now it’s called chiptune). I’ve worked for government agencies, contracted services to consultancies, written software for a coin operated peepshow… I always have a preference for embedded over web and for t-shirts over ties!

  • Jono Elkin's photo

    Jono Elkin

    Test Chapter Lead

    After doing nothing even slightly IT related at Otago Uni (MBus, BCom, BA), I started working as a tester in Wellington. After doing the Test Consultancy thing for a few years, I joined Trade Me in 2011.  Work-wise, moving from rigid, waterfall projects, to working in an Agile workplace has been amazing. For a while now I’ve been doing a bunch of mobile-web testing while also working as a ScrumMaster, which has been pretty awesome! The best thing about this place though, is the culture. Absolutely loving it! We cut through the crap and do stuff because it makes sense, not because someone once said it should be so. It is a super fun place to work too! While not here I play Rugby, keep fit, go to The Street City church, cook stuff, build stuff, and brew some delicious beers.


  • Jordan Morris's photo

    Jordan Morris


    I love building scalable software and servers, teaching, innovation, agile teamwork and coding for a cause.


  • Malin Malliya Wadu's photo

    Malin Malliya Wadu


    I'm Malin, a developer for Holiday Houses and a student at Vic Uni. I landed this job through an internship program called Summer of Tech in October 2011 and have been loving it since!

    Outside of dev work I enjoy film, reading and wiling the hours away at coffee shops.

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    Moana Roberts


    I've been with Trade Me since 2007, working in the database team. I tend to poke my nose in most areas of tech: projects, operational stuff, reporting - every day is different. Outside of work I watch movies and bake, and am known to lurk where the Narwhal Bacons at Midnight. Love road tripping, and am a keen diver. The saying "If you can dive in Wellington, you can dive anywhere" is so true! I'm quite partial to diving the tropics though. No need to don a 7mm wetsuit, and there are turtles... TURTLES!

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    Murray Nuttall

    Front-end Developer

    I’ve been making webs for 5-6 years. I joined Trade Me in 2010 to wrangle HTML and CSS. I am an active contributor to the OOCSS community. I like Godzilla films. If I could have any super power it would be: Real World CSS.


  • Nele Nikovic's photo

    Nele Nikovic

    Test Analyst

    Originally from Montenegro, I’ve spent more than half of my life in NZ, so what am I? Though I’m a qualified sound engineer, I’ve turned to IT. Testing during daytime, coaching basketball in the evening, mixing music during weekends, so what am I? Definitely jack of all trades, and perhaps, master of some. Started working at Trade Me in January 2012.

  • Nick Parfene's photo

    Nick Parfene


    I'm a mobile technology enthusiast who is lucky enough to be paid to do all kinds of mobile stuff every day. I love challenging existing "standards" in a continuous attempt to improve things. Amongst the technologies I play with you'll find AI, Linux, Macs, iOS, Android, Java, Ruby and several cloud frameworks. I consider myself very lucky: I have an amazing partner, great friends and a funny as dog. Call me crazy but I love Wellington weather. You can follow me on Twitter @nicktmro or if you want to stay up to date with what the mobile team is doing follow @trademe_mobile


  • Patrick Te Tau's photo

    Patrick Te Tau


    My life is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. JavaScript is a bit like Jiu Jitsu; you can get a lot done with little effort, I like that. I share a nerd circle; we cut up the finest of code while supping on hopped up budvars. Wellington, my home, is a weather ghetto. We built a culture of coffee and artisan beer to keep us cosy because mother nature won't, it’s a worthy trade, A++++

  • Paul Bartrum's photo

    Paul Bartrum


    I’m a relative newbie, having joined Trade Me in February 2011 to work on Treat Me. Prior to that I worked on digital mapping projects at a GIS company (I can still tell you the difference between a datum and an ellipsoid, though that knowledge is fading fast). I enjoy both front-end and back-end development and before my job at Trade Me I took a 6 month sojourn to work on the open-source project Jurassic. Why? To get 15 points on my résumé of course.

  • Paul Vickers's photo

    Paul Vickers


    I've been part of the Trade Me dev team since the start of 2009, having returned to New Zealand from an extended OE of 12 years. I started my first development role over 16 years ago building VB3 apps and have stuck with Microsoft technologies since. When not working, or keeping my young son happy, I enjoy taking my kayak out along Wellington's south coast.

  • Phil Styler's photo

    Phil Styler

    Test Analyst

    As a tester I get paid to break things for a living. How cool is that? After a Mensa test with surprising results coupled with a mid-life crisis I decided to become a student and get into the dark world of IT. I quickly became a jack of all trades including programming, but found testing suited my critical questioning mind-set better. I’ve been testing for nearly a decade now. Within Trade Me, I’ve specialised in the Tradevine stuff since 2010.

  • Richard Simes's photo

    Richard Simes


    I've lived in Wellington for all of my 26 years, was destined to be a chemist at Victoria University but accidentally finished a Comp Sci degree and fell in love with web development.  I work in the Systems team and look after all things like source control and deployment.


  • Ross Brown's photo

    Ross Brown

    Head of Systems Engineering

    Originally from the UK, I moved to Wellington to work for Trade Me and haven't regretted that decision - apart from when the Southerly hits. At least the coffee is decent.

  • Sam Meikle's photo

    Sam Meikle


    I don’t always look like this much of a hipster or Apple fan, but since joining the Trade Me Mobile team two months ago it was an inevitability. When not immersed in all things mobile you will find me chasing round my kids or enjoying something amber and hoppy.

  • Sam Speight's photo

    Sam Speight

  • Sean Cresswell's photo

    Sean Cresswell

    Test Manager

    I grew up in sunny Mount Maunganui before heading to Otago to do a BSc. I became a Test Analyst in 2005, and have worked in Dunedin and London before arriving at Trade Me in Wellington in 2009. I started off here as a Test Analyst and have moved up through the ranks to be Test Manager. I look after how our Test Analysts test changes to Trade Me, and look for new ways to make sure any changes are the best they can be for our members.


  • Simon Christie's photo

    Simon Christie

    SEO Specialist / Developer

    I’ve been doing work around SEO since 2008. First at Cisco in Amsterdam where I lived for 10 years, and now at Trade Me, where I’ve been since late 2010. I also do web development. I don’t do the real stuff like .NET that real developers do– (although I do a little bit here), but mainly open source. I love to sing opera – used to be professional singer in Europe, and I’m a diehard Arsenal football fan. All Blacks are ok too.

  • Simon Cook's photo

    Simon Cook


    Joined the mobile team at Trade Me in May this year after 5 years at my previous job. I'm loving the change of pace and culture, and enjoying the challenges of the mobile stuff we're doing. Outside of mobile I'm probably either playing indoor soccer, gaming or watching TV shows/movies.

  • Simon Young's photo

    Simon Young

    Head of Development

    I've been at Trade Me ever since being lured back to New Zealand after many years in London. I’m responsible for the development and test functions at Trade Me and am lucky to be surrounded by people far smarter and better looking than I. Come join us!


  • Tim Wright's photo

    Tim Wright


    Recently joined the Dev team at Trade Me in May, after 3 years as a Perl developer and almost 2 years as a Java developer I’m Enjoying the challenges and opportunities so far that I’ve been presented with. When I’m not developing I can be found composing music, playing guitar or drums, or just enjoying a beer or coffee down at the Wellington waterfront

  • Will Them's photo

    Will Them

    Technical Delivery Manager

    Originally from the US, I’ve been in NZ and with Trade Me since 2007. I started off as a developer and am now a Tech Delivery Manager for our Marketplace division. I help to inspire our tech teams to deliver the Marketplace product vision, and love enabling people to be at their best. We have a fantastic team and I am proud to be a part of what we are achieving!